Beaches London


Find the best beaches in London

Even though the city is more famous for is charming grey skies, you may be surprised to learn that there are a number of London beaches available to the visitor. In fact, it was very common in the 1930s for Londoners to sunbath on the banks of the Thames in the very heart of the city! Nowadays holidaymakers most often take a short trip out of the city to one of a number of popular seaside locations close to London.

Southend is one of the most frequented of these resorts. Located where London’s river meets the sea in southeast England, this beach town is easily accessed by rail, bus or car straight from the center of the city in just over an hour. Southend has the distinction of being the site of the world’s longest pleasure pier – dozens of great entertainment venues line the route next to the sandy beach. There are also a number of smaller beaches that specialize in different pursuits, from a family day out to high-action watersports like kitesurfing. There’s also a full section of high street stores in the town for all your shopping needs.

Brighton is another very popular resort town that attracts some eight million holidaymakers each year. It’s slightly closer to London than Southend, with direct trains taking just 50 minutes. As well as providing a great option for relaxing on the long beach, the seafront area has a fantastic range of bars, restaurants, clubs and other entertainment venues. If you come in May, you can catch some great cultural performances during the Brighton Festival, the UK’s second biggest arts festival.

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