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When it comes to getting a vehicle for your holiday, London car rental is simple to arrange. Heathrow Airport, for example, offers car hire from eight top brands at each of its five terminals. To get the best deals, you should try to book in advance online. A basic model should cost you around €120 per day.

Once you're driving, you'll find the road system is more or less the same as at home. Speed signs will be in miles, so make sure to double check on your speedometer, which should have both miles and kilometres. Make sure to bring a map with you, or you can get a car with GPS navigation included with your London car rental for an extra fee.

One important thing to remember about your London car rental is that the city has a compulsory congestion charge that applies to all cars entering the central city area. The fee, which is €6, entitles you to drive anywhere within the central zone as much as you like for 24 hours. You can pay the charge easily via a number of methods, including online, by phone, by text message and in person at a number of retail outlets around the city.

With your London car rental, you can also take advantage of the United Kingdom's top highway network and head out on some great road trips. Academic centers such as Oxford and Cambridge, the royal splendour of Windsor Castle and the ancient history of Stonehenge are all within a day’s drive of London.


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